Book Worm -White-Paper & Tokenomics

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Readers Win is committed to inspiring young readers. We hope to inspire children to read more by giving incentive for positive action. We believe reading is the cornerstone to success by inspiring young readers we hope to awaken uptapped potential needed to move forward in life. 25 million children in the U.S. struggle reading. Our hope is to inspire children to read more, comprehend more and be the best they can be. 34% of children entering kinder garden lack basic skills needed to learn how to read. 63% of 4th graders read below grade level, contributing to 7000 students dropping out of high school every day. 37% of students graduate high school at or above reading proficiency. 

Worm Coin was created  as an incentive to encourage reading. Our team will constantly strive to add more benefits for worm token users and worm  NFT’s holders.

Earn While You learn — Play Cool Games to Win Worm Tokens

We have cool reading games on our website which children can play any where, anytime. There are exciting redeemable Book worm tokens that readers can win through these games.

All the Worm tokens available on our platform are 100% redeemable. Users can utilize these tokens to buy amazing merchandise from our online store. All the tokens are on Binance Smart Chain and hold real value. This is where Book worm excels in the world of crypto currency by adding an element of encouragement and genuine love for reading through its user-friendly

Bright Opportunities to Grab Scholarships

Being a non-profit company, we always aspire to offer maximum encouragement to middle school children.  An enticing crypto currency platform always keeps gaining more popularity and an increasing number of token holders with time.

We always value the dedication of our users to the fullest. Book worm promises to offer scholarships to the worthy token holders once our platform gains landmark popularity. Winning Worm tokens and retaining them would bring massive opportunities for the readers to acquire amazing scholarships.

We hold contests in local schools each year to take our profitable Worm tokens to children in schools. These contests offer cool prizes and Worm tokens that can be won by participating in a wide range of reading games.


Worm Coin Audit


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2. ‘scripts’: Holds two scripts to deploy a contract. It is explained below.
3. ‘tests’: Contains one Solidity test file for ‘Ballot’ contract & one JS test file for ‘Storage’ contract


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Readerswin- Who We Are?

“I read and I know things”. This is one of the most popular quotes that describe the character, Tyrion Lannister in ‘Game of Thrones’- one of the most popular TV shows in the world. According to the story, he was just an imp who had nothing but his knowledge that kept him surviving and ultimately helped him to position him as the hand of the king. This is a perfect example of what can be achieved through the habit of reading and learning daily.

Intending to promote the value of reading, Readerswin started its operation as a digital platform providing huge knowledge and giving rewards for the readers. We are inspired to make the world a better place by providing opportunities to learn via our website. The initiative of helping the readers specially tailored for middle school children was back with the idea of giving those rewards through the development of Bookworm token. The token is an accepted payment pathway to our products in our store. Therefore they can use it to buy any product that is listed on our website. It gives the motivation to the readers to engage in reading as they get two birds at one time. This is the origin of the Bookworm Crypto token.

A Future with Exceptional Rewards

As a non-profit organization, Readerswin is expecting to expand its rewards by providing scholarship programs for the students who need them. Through the success of our Bookworm Crypto token, we are planning to make significant changes in the educational sector all around the

Vision Statement

Our goal is to become the most successful E-learning website in the world by providing unique rewards to promote reading and learning for a better future.

Mission Statement

To empower the learning process of children through creative approaches that will make the learning process more satisfying and effective.


Readerswin is a highly active website that provides continuous innovations and up-to-date knowledge in diverse sectors. We believe that giving information allows everyone to be more knowledgeable about a lot of things which is something that people are lacking in the present society. So don’t get surprised if you see more great content coming up on our platform very soon.


$WORM Tokens Total Supply is 1,000,000,000 WORM, which are coded with the BEP-20 Smart Contract Address 0x7eef6ad7c3d928a634eb4191c6f39c32cabd0a84

Token distribution for the total supply is as follows:

  • 700,000,000 (70%) public sale in PancakeSwap
  • 100,000,000 (10%) Team and Development
  • (0x11BF7DF2400aDC103C55c94304B4b0c66bd4B46e) 100,000,000 (10%) Marketing
  • (0x3d15fe2D69b557459C7b9E195D31372cd22Ea0E7) 100,000,000 (10%) Token Rewards
  • (0x0eb0f89Fe727725FFF3173e4C98E7C1b18544A9c)

The liquidity on PancakeSwap is locked until 2030 under Smart Contract 0x1837df01806dABBCAFB916e32C1E6538168FF567

WORM has no fees on transaction. Total supply is fixed, no coins will be minted or burnt over time.